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The world's ultimate Digital Entertainment System?



Saturn will enhance both a traditional and a contemporary living space. Its integrated component modules fit neatly behind the central control panel to give you DVD Player / Recorder, Personal Video Recorder, Sound Server, Media Center PC, Dolby Digital Surround Sound Proccessor and Audio Amplification.


Saturn comes fitted with a 46-inch Plasma TV. The subwoofer and centre speaker are contained within the cabinet and there is also a compartment to discreetly house your set top box. Matching floor-standing front speakers and wall or floor mounted rear speakers complete your Digital Entertainment System.


Saturn has three major strengths over conventional products:



Saturn is constructed using a patented modular construction technique called Future-proof Electronics Technology. This radical concept challenges the accepted practice of built-in obsolescence and makes it possible to build a 'future-proof' digital entertainment system. Vivadi's Future-proof Electronics Technology system means that Plasma TV, DVD recorder, PVR hard-drive recorder, satellite receiver, PC, hi-fi and other components can be integrated into a single stylish cabinet, but at any stage in the future any of these modules can be upgraded. Adding or updating components is a quick and easy process: the modules are simply clipped into position. Now, for the very first time, it is possible to buy into state-of-the-art designer technology today, confident you will still have your finger on the pulse tomorrow.



Saturn comes in a stunning designer cabinet with matching speakers. Constructed from the highest quality materials - wood, aluminium, steel and glass - the cabinet and speakers come in a choice of wood finishes and speaker grille fabrics, and can also be custom-made to any finish. All the components fit neatly within the cabinet so that when new modules are introduced there are no unsightly add-ons to spoil the overall streamlined aesthetic. And if you decide to change the interior design of your home in the future, you can change your Vivadi cabinet to match, without needing to change the whole system.



At Vivadi we have made it our mission to use the finest technology available. Thanks to the use of advanced digital technology, our Plasma TV delivers exeptional picture quality. Our DVD recorder is actually  a powerful  Media Center PC, with hard-drive recorder for PVR and music server, plus full internet and e-mail facilities, plus a superb Dolby surround sound system.  Our loudspeaker system is the first 5.1 system to use state-of-the art NXT flat-panel technology in conjunction with high-performance bass and mid-range drivers. The design has been optimised to take NXT's characteristically open and detailed sound to a new level and deliver true audiophile performance over the full audio frequency spectrum.


The Vivadi digital entertainment system has set new standards in terms of sound, picture quality, specification and design. Our revolutionary future-proofing has extended the realm of the possible.

The Vivadi Saturn system is available in 3 forms:-


SPL4601 – 46” High-Definition Plasma TV with cabinet, including subwoofer.

SMC4602 – as above with DVD recorder & Media Gateway, plus amplification.

SMC4604 – full system including all of the above, plus matching speakers.